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Getting started with JavaScript

The Hypercerts SDK makes it easy to integrate Hypercerts into your application or backend with JavaScript/TypeScript.


Install the SDK using npm or yarn:

npm install @hypercerts-org/sdk
# OR yarn add @hypercerts-org/sdk


Import the SDK into your project and create a new instance of HypercertClient with your configuration options:

import { HypercertClient } from "@hypercerts-org/sdk";
import { createWalletClient, custom } from "viem";
import { mainnet } from "viem/chains";

const walletClient = createWalletClient({
chain: mainnet,
transport: custom(window.ethereum),

// NOTE: you should replace this with your own JSON-RPC provider to the network
// This should have signing abilities and match the `chainId` passed into HypercertClient

const client = new HypercertClient({
chainId: 11155111, // Sepolia testnet

Hypercerts is a multi-chain protocol. See here for a list of currently supported networks.

Note If there's no walletClient provided, the client will run in read-only mode.

Make a Hypercert

Use the client object to interact with the Hypercert network. For example, you can use the client.mintClaim method to create a new claim:

import {
} from "@hypercerts-org/sdk";

// Validate and format your Hypercert metadata
const { data: metadata, valid, errors } = formatHypercertData({

// Check on errors
if (!valid) {
return console.error(errors);

// Set the total amount of units available
const totalUnits: bigint = 10000n

// Define the transfer restriction
const transferRestrictions: TransferRestrictions = TransferRestrictions.FromCreatorOnly

// Mint your Hypercert!
const tx = await client.mintClaim(

For guidance on how to specify your metadata, see the minting guide. This will validate the metadata, store claim metadata on IPFS, create a new hypercert on-chain, and return a transaction receipt.

For more details, check out the Minting Guide.

Query for Hypercerts

You can also use the client to query the subgraph and retrieve which claims an address owns:

const claims = await client.indexer.fractionsByOwner(owner),

For more details, checkout the Querying guide and our Graph playground.

That's it! With these simple steps, you can start using the Hypercert SDK in your own projects.